Here's How To Get Ethan Hawke's Secret Album From 'Boyhood'

Heres How Get Ethan Hawkes Secret Album Fromboyhood

The father-son relationship in ' Boyhood ' may not be the absolute ideal of parental love and familial bonding, but, hey, we all work with what we're given.

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In Richard Linklater's latest film, the saga that uses the real-life aging of actors Ethan Hawke and Ellar Coltrane alongside the rest of the cast to great dramatic effect, a touching moment occurs between Hawke and Coltrane in the car. While the two are driving, Hawke gives Coltrane a homemade 'Black Album' as a birthday present. It's his compilation of the best solo work of the members of The Beatles, put together to make the ultimate non-Beatles Beatles album.

'Basically, I've put the Beatles back together for you,' Hawke proudly tells his son.

And now, here it is in all of its three-disc glory, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Disc 1:

1. Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run

2. George Harrison, My Sweet Lord

3. John Lennon feat. The Flux Fiddlers & the Plastic Ono Band, Jealous Guy

4. Ringo Starr, Photograph

5. John Lennon, How?

6. Paul McCartney, Every Night

7. George Harrison, Blow Away

8. Paul McCartney, Maybe I’m Amazed

9. John Lennon, Woman

10.Paul McCartney & Wings, Jet

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11. John Lennon, Stand by Me

12. Ringo Starr, No No Song

13. Paul McCartney, Junk

14. John Lennon, Love

15. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, The Back Seat of My Car

16. John Lennon, Watching the Wheels

17. John Lennon, Mind Games

18. Paul McCartney & Wings, Bluebird

19. John Lennon, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

20. George Harrison, What Is Life

Disc 2:

1. John Lennon, God

2. Wings, Listen to What the Man Said

3. John Lennon, Crippled Inside

4. Ringo Starr, You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine)

5. Paul McCartney & Wings, Let Me Roll It

6. John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, Power to the People

7. Paul McCartney, Another Day

8. George Harrison, If Not For You (2001 Digital Remaster)

9. John Lennon, (Just Like) Starting Over

10. Wings, Let ‘Em In

11. John Lennon, Mother

12. Paul McCartney & Wings, Helen Wheels

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13. John Lennon, I Found Out

14. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

15. John Lennon, Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band, Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

15. George Harrison, Not Guilty (2004 Digital Remaster)

16. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, Heart of the Country

17. John Lennon, Oh Yoko!

18. Wings, Mull of Kintyre

19. Ringo Starr, It Don’t Come Easy

Disc 3:

1. John Lennon, Grow Old With Me (2010 Remaster)

2. Wings, Silly Love Songs

3. The Beatles, Real Love

4. Paul McCartney & Wings, My Love

5. John Lennon, Oh My Love

6. George Harrison, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

7. Paul McCartney, Pipes of Peace

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8. John Lennon, Imagine

9. Paul McCartney, Here Today

10. George Harrison, All Things Must Pass

11. Paul McCartney, And I Love Her (Live on MTV Unplugged)