Here's How A Grammy-Nominated Artist Became A 'Catfish' Victim

Heres How Grammy Nominated Artist Became Acatfishvictim

'You can be anybody on the Internet.'

That statement was uttered twice during tonight's episode of ' Catfish ': once by Nev and then by rapper R. Prophet, the man who sought the digital detectives' help, when he came face-to-face with the woman he believed to be his cyber companion named Trinity.

So how did the musician, who was once part of the group Nappy Roots, get conned by someone who was hiding her real identity? The answer: significant inexperience using social media.

But before the Kentucky resident learned that his online ladylove was a fraud, R. Prophet explained that his team initially advised him to 'be active' on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to help boost his visibility. Enter Trinity: R. Prophet immediately became drawn to the blue-eyed beauty's Facebook profile, which boasted more than 1,600 friends, so he sent her a friend request.

'She's one of the baddest on Facebook and Twitter and all that,' a clearly smitten R. Prophet explained to N and Max via phone (no Skype or video chat for this guy!). 'She gotta be one of the baddest on social networks, so I'm like, 'Let me go ahead and give it a shot.''

And while the Grammy-nominated celeb revealed that he had no problem meeting women IRL, there was something very special about his relationship with T.

'We just clicked instantly -- she seemed like a genuine person,' he said, before adding that she also helped him deal with lingering personal issues.

But as soon as the guys got to sleuthing, they quickly uncovered all the red flags they suspected -- and learned that Trinity was using photos of Chris Brown 's ex-girlfriend Jasmine Sanders, who also happens to be a well-known model.

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So who was R. Prophet communicating with all this time? A woman named Crystal, who eventually agreed to meet the recording artist in a park with the detectives in tow. While R. Prophet was crushed to learn that he had been deceived -- and openly said he was embarrassed -- C was adamant that her words were nothing but honest despite the fake snapshots.

'The daily conversations, I felt like I could talk to him about anything,' Crystal expressed to the MTV guys and R. Prophet, after apologizing for her actions. And even though R. Prophet said that it 'wasn't cool' for her to play him, he couldn't deny their unique bond, and the duo stated they were still in contact during the check-in.

But R. Prophet's experience proves an important point: Even notable people, with significant followings, can be tricked. But unfortunately for this love-struck victim, he didn't have the tools or understanding to notice Crystal's suspicious behavior. What did you think about R. Prophet and Crystal's story? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching 'Catfish' on Wednesdays at 10/9c.