Here's The One Thing You Never Noticed In 'An Extremely Goofy Movie'

Heres One Thing You Never Noticed Inan Extremely Goofy Movie

' An Extremely Goofy Movie ' had it all: extreme sports, college struggles, disco music and one super trippy dream sequence . The sequel to the hit 1995 film ' A Goofy Movie ,' this 2000 flick tossed in a huge Easter egg that apparently only one dude on Reddit noticed — like two years ago. Seriously, all of us should be ashamed right now for missing this.

Reddit user Brett420 discovered a familiar character from the first film floating around in the second one.

  • Remember that nutty Bigfoot bro who tried to attack Goofy and Max? The one who jammed out to 'Stayin' Alive' by The Bee Gees ? Disney
  • And enjoyed a good sock puppet show? Disney
  • Well, it looks like he got a major haircut, learned how to talk and went to college, because he's hanging with Bradley Uppercrust III's Gamma Mu Mu fraternity. Notice anyone who looks familiar? Disney
  • Unfortunately, Bigfoot's parents didn't give him the talk about 'choosing the right set of friends,' because he helps Bradley cheat in the X Games. Disney


  • Yeah, we can totally see it. Disney

Here is Brett420's original discovery:

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