Here's A Photo Of Beyoncé's Cousin And Her Daughter — But Who's The Mom?

Heres Photo Beyonc S Cousin

Here are some facts about Kristin Douglas, Beyoncé's cousin:

1. She is a nurse.

2. She is a Taurus.

3. On Sunday, March 20, she Instagrammed a photo of her, her sister Kelsi Leggett , and cousin Bey at their Uncle Skip's funeral.

4. The Internet lost its chill over this Insta because Douglas and Leggett are !

5. Douglas has two kids, daughter Ajia and son Ashton.

6. Ajia is 18 years young and looks EXACTLY LIKE HER MOM.

No, really. Here is a photo of Kristin and Ajia:

At the very least, these two look like sisters if not twins. Remember earlier this year when the Mahomes family broke Twitter with their uncanny resemblance? Of course you do.

After their photo went viral, two more families tried to pull off the same stunt and spectacularly failed .

But Kristin and Ajia successfully confused the Internet! Who is the mom and who's the daughter? NOBODY CAN TELL. Kristin Douglas / Instagram

After thoroughly stalking Instagram and Facebook, I'm 99% sure the woman on the left is Kristin, the mom. As of now, no family members have answered fans's questions about who is who.

If your eyes keep deceiving you, here are are two side-by-side photos of them. Kristin is on the left; Ajia, the right.

Kristin Douglas / Instagram

I think we can all agree that this duo slays just as hard as Beyoncé does. Talk about winning the gene lottery.