Here's Proof Doppelgangers Exist IRL, Not Just On 'The Vampire Diaries'

Heres Proof Doppelgangers Exist Irl

In Mystic Falls, the fictional world of ' The Vampire Diaries ,' doppelgangers like Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce ( Nina Dobrev ) run rampant.

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In real life, doppelgangers are a little less common, but they DO exist. The Twin Strangers website is here to help you find yours. You simply upload photos of yourself and the website sorts through its database of users to see if your facial features match up with anyone else's.

Ambra and Jennifer, two doppelgangers -- one living in North Carolina and the other in Texas -- connected through the site. They weren't biologically related, yet the two them look exactly alike. Ambra flew across the country to meet her twin stranger and her mother in person, and the whole experience was captured in a YouTube video uploaded Monday, August 31.

'You're not adopted?' Jennifer's mom, shocked at the resemblance, asked Ambra.

'No, not adopted,' Ambra responded.

'I want to see your family tree,' Jennifer's mom joked. Watch the full video below.

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