Here's The Real Reason Ab-Soul's Always Wearing Shades

Heres Real Reason Ab Souls Always Wearing Shades

If you've seen Ab-Soul , that means you've seen Ab-Soul in sunglasses. That's because his eyes are highly sensitive to the light. So much so, in fact, that he'll need surgery eventually.

'I need a corneal transplant,' he told Complex recently. 'I'm not too excited about doing that. I'ma thug it out as long as I can. It sounds kinda scary, right.'

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It's one of the reasons that he doesn't drive -- though he could if he had to. 'I'll get you to the hospital, in case of emergency,' he joked.

The biggest thing is light sensitivity, the T.D.E. rapper told Hot 97 earlier this month. That’s why I always wear shades. Right, the brightness is probably kept best down. I had a good nine, ten years to see it for real. I kinda remember that a bit. A lot of great things happened in that time. You know what I’m saying? I did some great things in that time…I hear and memorize. I gotta kinda memorize my steps in a sense. Cause—it’s crazy.

Soul also spoke on his upcoming album, These Days , which drops next week. Earlier this week, he released 'World Runners,' featuring Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean, which you can listen to below.

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