Here's Stephenie Meyer's Dream Cast For 'Life And Death'

Heres Stephenie Meyers Dream Cast Forlife

When she's not making new TV shows with titles may or may not be an obvious wink to the 'Breaking Dawn' cover image -- ahem, ' Rook ' -- Stephenie Meyer is still an author #1, and on Tuesday (Nov. 10) she celebrated the release of her ' Twilight ' 10th anniversary surprise book ' Life and Death ' with a Q&A hosted by the folks at Novl .

Among the new morsels of sweet deets Meyer revealed about her gender-bent take on the 'Saga' starter was her dream cast for the new version. And it's full of yes.

Fair warning: Meyer doesn't want people who haven't yet read the epic love story of Beau Swan and Edythe Cullen to know her who's who list because she's launching a Life and Death Illustration Project on her website to collect fan art of her new(ish) characters. So, if you haven't read it yet but want to obey the 'Twilight' queen's command, look away now!

Everyone else, let's break this down bit by bit.

  • For Edythe, she picked ... Getty Images

    EMMA STONE. Coppery hair? Check. Gorgeous? Check. Petite and yet sooo strong? Check. A+ selection, SM.

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  • Meanwhile, Beau Swan is ... Getty Images

    Logan Lerman! Which is a good choice, too, because he's got that pale, dark-haired outta-place-in-Arizona thing going for him.

  • And Archie is a VISION. Getty Images

    (See what we did there?) Heyyyy, Nicholas Hoult.

  • Royal is not too shabby either. Getty Images

    She made sure to specify that it is Liam Hemsworth circa 2014 whom she has in mind for the Rosalie reversal. It's gotta be the hair.

  • Eleanor is appropriately fierce. Getty Images

    Gina Carrano in her 'Haywire'-day. We could see it.

  • And Joss is a BOSS. Getty Images

    Of course 'Orphan Black' star Tatiana Maslany could hunt you down and trick you into a full-on surrender. Of course she could.

The full dream-cast list can be found here .

Meanwhile, there were some other fun reveals in Meyer's blog sesh:

Like the fact that, yes, she does believe Beau's shield will come into play at some point in his new vamp life.

Summit Ent./Lionsgate

'I can imagine a few scenarios in which the Cullens would discover Beau’s talent. Maybe it would be when they have a reunion with the Denali clan. Being so strong at first, Beau would probably be a little cocky. He might want to see what Kirill’s electricity thing felt like. Or maybe Sulpicia would hear through the grapevine about the Cullens’ new addition, and request a visit. It wouldn’t be the same fraught encounter that Bella’s first trip to Volterra was, and there would have been more time to talk through the implications of Beau’s mental silence with the experts,' Meyer imagined.

We also now know exactly what it would be like if Bella and Edward were to ever meet their gender-flipped counterparts.

Summit Ent./Lionsgate

'I imagine they’d all get along pretty well after they worked out the kinks. Edward and Edythe might start out castigating each other for being so reckless with the humans—lots of projected self-loathing. Bella and Beau would roll their eyes. Bella would never say it out loud, but she might wonder what Edythe saw in that totally normal human boy, and Beau likewise,' Stephenie wrote.

BTW, Nessie? So *not* a thing in this new version. Like, ever.

Summit Ent./Lionsgate

'Even if 'Life and Death' had ended the same way that 'Twilight' did, the storyline would have had to take a sharp left when it hit 'Breaking Dawn,'' Meyer explained. 'Edythe is not able to get pregnant, so all the post-honeymoon drama would vanish; Renesmee could not exist in this alternate version. Which means Ivan (Irena) would have had nothing to report back to the Volturi, and the entire second half of the novel would have been pretty uneventful. Maybe they would have gone to Dartmouth after all. Let the college hijinks ensue!'

To read the full Q&A hit NOVL's site .