Here's The Story Behind That 'Life On Mars' Performance On 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

Heres Story Behind Thatlife Marsperformance Onamerican Horror Story

Now that we've had almost a full day to reflect on last night's freaky ' American Horror Story: Freak Show ' premiere (personally, I spent the first half of my day wary of a balding clown), it's time to explain one of the episode's WTF scenes that had us scratching our heads in amusement: a blue eye-shadowed Elsa Mars performing David Bowie 's 'Life On Mars.'

The show's timeline is set in the 1950s so the song's inclusion only added to the surrealness of the episode. Did the freak show's leader and her misfit orchestra originally pen the tune and David Bowie stole it? Will the Brit grace our TV screens like Stevie Nicks on last season's 'Coven' ? Is Ryan Murphy blending the series with 'Glee'?

Maybe not. According to Ryan Murphy, the series is paying tribute to the 'show within a show' style a la the musical 'Moulin Rouge' that placed colorful pop hits in the year 1900.

The director/writer told E! News that the choice was partially a tribute to 'Moulin Rouge.'

'I really wanted to do an homage to my friend and idol Baz Luhrmann [who directed 'Moulin Rouge'] who does such amazing things with music and period,' he said. 'We didn't want to do 'Happy Days,' we didn't want to do all 50s music.'

Murphy also details that they wanted to feature musicians who identified as 'odd' or outsiders, and they've worked on six 'haunting' musical numbers so far, featuring artists from Lana Del Rey to Kurt Cobain .

Well, we are definitely sold on this idea because Lana + 'AHS' = perfection! With past seasons of entirely disturbing and terrifying scenes, a few bizarre musical numbers is unexpectedly awesome.

And this doesn't mean Ziggy Stardust can't make an appearance, so I'll be waiting.