Here's What Happens When You Call The Number on Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon Cover

Heres What Happens When You Call Number Lana Del Reys Honeymoon Cover

Yes, the number on Lana Del Rey 's Honeymoon album cover does actually mean something.

Polydor Ltd.

Though it's a little obscured on the far left side of the pic, there's an 800 number listed on that StarLine Tours convertible Lana's oh-so-stylishly-perching on in the pic. But if you dial it you won't be getting any info from that company -- which is real and does also have a phone number, BTW -- on how to scout out celebrity homes or find those famous film houses tucked away in Beverly Hills or whatever other tourism features they offer.

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Instead, you'll be getting ahold of Lana's own 'Honeymoon Hotline,' per Pitchfork , when you dial the line -- the full number for which is 1-800-268-7886 .

While its functionality was reportedly in and out on Friday (Aug. 21) -- at the time of this writing, the number triggered an automated response indicating that the line was not yet active -- a recording was made of the line while it was operational earlier in the day, and here's a preview of what it sounded like.

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The hotline is expected to update every week with Honeymoon details and allow the Lana faithful to listen to messages directly from her as well as the newly-released single from the album, ' Terrence Loves You .' There's also a TED talk by Elon Musk thrown in the mix and 'a lecture on the origins of the universe' because this is Lana's show and she can do what she wants.

All this is about what you were expecting anyway, right? Right.

Honeymoon will officially drop on Sept. 18.