Here's What Inspired Jhene Aiko's 'Eat The Booty' Line

Heres What Inspired Jhene Aikos Eat Bootyline

Jhene Aiko's infamous line about booty eating on Omarion's 'Post To Be' is still raising eyebrows.

Guess it's not every day you hear a star sing about how her suitor's 'gotta eat the booty like groceries.' So, what inspired this line?

'The line of 'Post to be' reminded me of the Kevin Gates Vines where he’s talking about booty,' Jhene said in an interview with Complex . 'I sat down with Micah Powell, a writer I’ve worked with for a long time. I was like, 'Whatever we say, I really want to say something about eating the booty.' He keeps saying in the Vines, 'You ’posed to eat the booty.''

Kevin Gates has been outspoken about this...preference.

And yes, this has become the subject of Vine, Twitter and Instagram memes.

Of course, Jhene's gotten some interesting responses to the track.

'People take it different ways,' she explained. 'Some people are appalled, some people think it’s funny. I feel like it’s a fun song. It’s not meant to play at anyone’s wedding or funeral.'

And now we'll all be laughing the next time we go grocery shopping. Thanks, Jhene!

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