Here's What Liz Gillies Really Thinks Of Jade West

Heres What Liz Gillies Really Thinks Jade West

We first fell in love with Liz Gillies on Nickelodeon's 'Victorious,' where she played snarky goth girl Jade West. Now Gillies, 21, is starring on FX's new comedy 'Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll' as aspiring rock musician Gigi... who just so happens to be kinda snarky and sarcastic.

So how similar are Jade and Gigi? MTV News chatted with Gillies ahead of the show's premiere, and she broke down Gigi and Jade's obvious similarities -- and their major differences. For example, Jade was 'way more of a b-tch' than Gigi.

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'Gigi is actually more sensitive than Jade,' Gillies said. 'I believe she has a softer side, ironically enough, even though it's not Nickelodeon. I can play more notes with her. When you're on a sitcom, especially a kid's show, there's only so much you can do.'

'Jade had a bigger wall up,' she added. 'I played Jade, even though I was on Nickelodeon, as if I was going to go on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' and talk about her for 45 hours. So I actually have a long history in my mind of who I believe Jade was, as a character.'

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In case you need a bit of a refresher on all things 'Victorious,' Jade's dark humor and prickly personality didn't sit well with Tori (Victoria Justice) at first. Not to mention she was extremely sarcastic to those around her. But Jade's snarky quirks eventually became endearing, and her independence was incredibly refreshing -- and TBH, it's probably has served her well these past few years.

As for Gigi, well, she's still seeking acceptance from her rock 'n' roll dad Johnny Rock, played by Denis Leary.

'She needs more parenting than Jade does,' Gillies said. 'I think Jade is on her own. She's a goth kinda girl, doing her own thing. Gigi needs to be nurtured and she needs her dad, so that's a cool kind of tone to play with the character.'

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Tough and vulnerable? Wherever she is, Jade is gagging.