Here's What Meghan Trainor's Fiancé Daryl Sabara Has Been Up To Since Spy Kids

Heres What Meghan Trainors Fianc Daryl Sabara Has Been Up Since Spy Kids

Since getting engaged to Meghan Trainor , Daryl Sabara has been identified as two things: a Spy Kid and Meghan Trainor's fiancé . Although those may be two of his crowning achievements in the past 17 years, those aren't his only achievements.

In fact, quick scans down his endless IMDb page , dynamic Instagram , and chatty Twitter account show that Sabara, 25, has been pretty busy! Since it seems like he's going to be around for a while — and honestly has been around for a while — here are some other identifiers we can all use to recognize this former Spy Kid instead of just, you know, Meghan Trainor's fiancé.

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