Here's What PS2 'SingStar' Games Are Now Compatible With PS3 'SingStar'

Heres What Ps2singstargames Are Now Compatible With Ps3singstar

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'SingStar' has been around for a while now. The PlayStation 3 version introduced an online store for downloading songs, but what all those old discs?

Sony released a patch yesterday for 'SingStar' that enabled support for those PlayStation 2 discs. Tap select, pop in an old PS2 disc and all those songs -- including the attached music videos -- become accessible so long as the disc's inserted.

This applies to both the European and North American versions of 'SingStar,' but for those here in the United States, here's what games now work in the PS3 'SingStar.' Time for a trip to GameStop...

* SingStar Country

* SingStar Pop

* SingStar 80's

* SingStar Legends

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* SingStar Rocks

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* SingStar ABBA

* SingStar Amped

I tested out backwards compatibility feature with 'SingStar ABBA' -- it worked fine -- but since I don't know anything ABBA outside of 'Dancing Queen,' it quickly came out. 'SingStar 80s,' on the other hand…

Will you be bringing out any of your old 'SingStar' discs?