Here's What 'Fear The Walking Dead' Would Look Like With 100 Percent More Carl

Heres Whatfear Walking Deadwould Look Like With 100 Percent More Carl

While we've all been loving season one of ' Fear the Walking Dead ,' isn't it finally time to admit that AMC's spin-off is missing something... or perhaps more accurately, some one ?

No, it's not Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and it's not even fan-favorite sidekicks Daryl (Norman Reedus) or Carol (Melissa McBride): instead, it's everyone's favorite grimy and be-hatted Grimes kid, Carl ( Chandler Riggs ). Or in other words, the snot-nosed brat turned pudding-eating teen who drives 90 percent of the action on regular 'The Walking Dead,' because everyone in the Grimes Gang is obsessed with him. (See this video of every time they've shouted his name on the show for proof.)

So to fill in the giant, season five Carl-sized hole on 'Fear the Walking Dead,' MTV News has gone ahead and photoshopped him in to some of 'FtWD''s most iconic season one moments. Never go without Carl again!

  • Here's Carl giving Nick the 4-1-1 on killing a zombie.
  • Here's Carl teaching the Clark-Manawa squad how to get away with murder.
  • Here's Carl telling Travis that sometimes you have to sacrifice the few for the good of the many.
  • Here's Carl, teaching the Los Angeles containment zone members that showers don't matter after the zombie apocalypse.
  • Here's Carl thinking 'been there, done that' as Travis and Chris Manawa hash out their father-son issues.
  • Here's Carl, wishing Michonne was around to play with him.
  • Here's Carl, being the only one who knows that the worst is yet to come.
  • And finally, here's Carl enjoying a rare moment of reflection with Chris Manawa. Justina Mintz/AMC