Here's What's Really Important About Calum Hood's Nude Leak

Heres Whats Really Important About Calum Hoods Nude Leak

In case you missed the all-out Twitter breakage last night, a nude Snapchat video allegedly depicting Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer's 18-year-old bassist and singer, made its way onto the Internet.

Calum seems to be taking it all in stride, brushing off the obvious with the air of a seasoned publicist.

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And the 5SOS Fam have been nothing but supportive.

But there's definitely a lesson to be learned in all this.

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Before you consider sending someone a nude photo or video of yourself, think it over once or twice a billion times. Once you release this kind of material into the digital world, it's pretty much there forever -- even if you use Snapchat. A forensic researcher found that Snapchat doesn't actually delete expired snaps off of phones at all. It merely hides them. Let that sink in again: Snapchat doesn't actually delete expired snaps off of phones at all. It merely hides them.

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Plus, you should probably ask yourself whether or not this person has explicitly asked you for a nude photo in the first place. Surprising someone with an unsolicited pic of your junk isn't quite the grand, romantic gesture you might think it is. (Dudes especially should check out Jezebel's 'Should You Send A Lady A Dick Pic? A Guide For Men' to learn more. Spoiler alert: The answer is pretty much always no. )

And for all you know, the person you send your nudes might literally be the worst and post them on one of those awful 'revenge porn' sites once things sour between you two. Sorry for being all 'YOU WILL GET CHLAMYDIA AND DIE,' but these are all very real, probably unwanted consequences you should weigh before hitting send on snaps of your ish. #MomVoice

Now, let's all take a deep breath and move on. 'Amnesia,' anyone?