Here's Your Chance To Finally Dress Like Future Hendrix

Heres Your Chance Finally Dress Like Future Hendrix

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Do you live, dream and breathe Future ? Well, now it's time to wear Future.

The Atlanta rapper realized that fans are obsessed with his unique style -- cowboy hats, fedoras, full-on leather outfits -- so he's ready to make it accessible to everyone. Dressing like Future Hendrix will be easier than ever, when he drops his new hat line.

Yes, that's really happening.

He announced the news on Instagram this week, making sure to point out that you need a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off this look. More specifically, 'for the 1s who embrace individuality style, my hat line comin $oon....'

os desajustados jem e os hologramas

Is it you?

This could be you, real soon

Or this

Car sold separately though

-4 x -3

So now we're waiting for the hat line to drop and we're waiting for that Future and Drake mixtape. Take your time, guys.