Here's Your First Look At Demi Lovato's Skechers Spring Campaign

Heres Your First Look Demi Lovatos Skechers Spring Campaign

When we heard that Demi Lovato would be the face of Skechers until 2016, we were like, 'YAS.' When we saw her first commercial for the sneaker brand, we were also like, 'YAAS.' And IDK if you'll believe me, but now that we've got a first look at her spring campaign, we're like, 'YAAAAS.'

The three images, which will be everywhere—like, worldwide—this spring, feature Demi showing off her sneaks while doing things she does on the regular.

Courtesy of Sketchers

You've got her singing while wearing multicolor Memory Foam sneakers.

Courtesy of Sketchers

Here she is showing off how easily you can stand on your tip-toes in a more subdued pair.

Courtesy of Sketchers

And, finally, back to singing, though in a tougher looking outfit, complete with ripped jeans and a heavily studded jacket.

The sneakers come in different colorways and, as demonstrated by Demi, are perfect for working out or, IDK, performing in front of thousands of people. You know, normal, everyday things.

You can cop Demi's steez on Skecher's site and keep your eyes peeled for these images soon.