Here's Your First Look At Princess Anna In 'Once Upon A Time'

Heres Your First Look Princess Anna Inonce Upon Time

Since the closing moments of the third season of ' Once Upon a Time ,' fans have been in a frenzy as to how the show will handle a live-action 'Frozen' storyline.

A week ago, ABC answered at least some of those questions, as it released six pics which showcased Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster).

But there remained one pretty big question: where was Anna?

Well, finally we have our answer! ABC released a new picture featuring Elizabeth Lail as the Snow Queen's little sis.


Pigtails? Adorable costume? Sisterly love? Wide-eyed wonder? Check, check, check and quadruple check.

The biggest question is how Anna will feature in the season. Elsa was locked up at the end of the third season: is it possible she did something to Anna? Is this picture of familial happiness simply a flashback as Elsa goes mad with grief? Or are we going way too dark and Anna's just fine? Let's hope it's the latter.

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