Hey Baboon! Harley Keiner From 'Boy Meets World' Doesn't Want You To Bully Anyone

Hey Baboon Harley Keiner Fromboy Meets Worlddoesnt Want You Bully Anyone

Way back in 1994, we first met John Adams High's bully Harvey 'Harley' Keiner ( Danny McNulty ) on ' Boy Meets World .' Harley tormented Cory ( Ben Savage ) and Shawn ( Rider Strong ) throughout their early high school years, until he got shipped off to reformatory school – and then new bully Griff Hawkins *cough* Adam Scott *cough* showed up.

Armed with a black jacket and a whole lot of attitude, Harley ruled the mean streets of John Adams High. He was also the guy who gave Cory his, uh, nickname.


For those who aren't aware, McNulty reprised his role as Harley on several episodes of ' Girl Meets World .' Harley is now the janitor at the school where Cory teaches, but he's definitely had a change of heart since his rebellious teenage days.

Now, instead of doing things like this:


He's doing things like this:


McNulty's shared numerous photos on Instagram, encouraging kids not to bully. He's using his '90s iconic persona as an example of the person people should strive not to be. In fact, his Instagram bio says, 'Harley Karma Kinder,' which is such a clever spin on the OG Harley Keiner.

Because so many kids watch GMW, it's vital for them to see that bullying is never the answer. Taking a well-known character from pop culture and giving him a 180-degree change can really grab people's attention.

  • Recently, he shared some old BMW pics, along with powerful messages. https://instagram.com/p/8Gl3y6hwpk/

    McNulty captioned this, 'Try and B Bully Free!!! Take it from me eventually what you do and say about others comes back to U Karmatically!!! ? #DONTBULLYBEAFRIEND.'

  • He kept that hashtag alive with this photo's caption as well. https://instagram.com/p/8G1-8WBwhH/

    'There's Nothing Funny ??? about making someone else feel small!!! ? #DONTBULLYBEAFRIEND ⚡️.'

  • McNulty's words of wisdom are truly inspiring, and are definitely part of what makes GMW so special. https://instagram.com/p/7IuY2ThwnB/

    'When you get a second chance to be a better person, Take It!!! Anyone can change if they can realize their faults and work on being a better person than you were yesterday!!! Don't let your past determine what your future tomorrow you will be!!! #HarleyKarmaKinder.'

  • Hopefully, kids (and adults) are taking notice and trying to help make this world a nicer place for everyone. https://instagram.com/p/70HX5wBwuN/
  • Because, let's be real for a sec. If Harley Keiner can change his ways, anyone can. https://instagram.com/p/7qHGvoBwoA/

    'Look out for those who can't look out for themselves!!! Inspirational Anti~Bullying edit by @sabrinablancherd ✨?✨? #DontBULLYbeAfriend ?.'

Although the BMW's Harley Keiner was so memorable, we're glad he's now one of the good guys and isn't hanging out with this crowd anymore.