Holland Roden: My Kind Will Soon Be Extinct

Holland Roden My Kind Will Soon Be Extinct

On the most recent ' Teen Wolf ' season, a mass murderer known as The Benefactor aimed to eliminate all of Beacon Hills' supernatural beings. But actress Holland Roden , who plays the show's banshee, Lydia Martin , thinks it's her real human self who's most at risk for extinction.

Roden, who's used to scientific phenomena around set, delivered seemingly typical answers to interview questions in a piece published by Allure today, but amid restaurant recommendations and beauty tips, she made a pretty shocking admission.

'The double-jointed, three loops with your tongue circus trick; I'm left-handed; and I just found of I’m an O negative blood type,' she shared of her hidden talents. 'I’m the recessive of the recessive of the recessive, the earliest model that’s going to be the next extinct human. I’m the green-eyed, redhead, left-handed, O-negative girl.' Should we maybe...tell someone about this? Get in touch with police? Contact local parishioners? Seems pretty urgent...

And if you constantly find yourself in awe of the beauty's 'Teen Wolf' performance, it should come as no surprise -- she's been performing forever.

'I would do student films on the weekends in high school -- I’m surprised I wasn’t on the six o’clock news,' she said. 'I would go on Craigslist and acting websites and go to these local auditions when I was 15, 16.' That's a go-getter, folks!

Check out the full interview , and keep up with MTV News for updates on the upcoming 'Teen Wolf' season!