Hollywood Unearths Rare 1990 'Captain America' Film

Hollywood Unearths Rare 1990captain Americafilm

Captain AmericaAlthough this summer's ' Captain America: The First Avenger ' is the first time most movie-goers have seen Marvel's star-spangled hero on the silver screen, an upcoming DVD release reveals a secret origin for the patriotic star.

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B-movie director Albert Pyun recently talked with Matt Salinger (novelist J.D. Salinger's son) as Steve Rogers , the film was originally planned as a big-budget feature film spurred by the success of Tim Burton's 'Batman.' A last-minute withdrawal by the film's backers led Pyun to finish the film on a shoestring budget and led the studio -- and Marvel -- to send the film on a direct-to-video trajectory that kept it out of the mainstream movie-goer's eye.

According to Pyun, this new Blu-ray edition of 'Captain America' coming in May will have 27 minutes of new footage, with the director characterizing these additions as 'a few added scenes, and is more character-oriented and less 'super hero action.''

You can checkout the original trailer for 'Captain America' below, in all its 1990s-era glory:

Although no one will admit it's any competition for the new film, if you enjoy 'Captain America: The New Avenger' will you seek out this 1990 film to get more on the character? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter !

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