Hot Bods And No Clothes: Brooklyn Decker and Cobie Smulders Tell Us Why They Love The Gym

Hot Bods No Clothes

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In the new, Andrew Bujalski-directed comedy ' Results ,' Brooklyn Decker and Cobie Smulders enter the world of personal training... but do the actresses approve of such strict workout regiments themselves? Well, it depends on how far you take it.

'There are so many ways to work out, and it is exhausting,' Smulders told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival. 'I think that's why Andrew wanted to make this film, to comment on that world of people who want to better themselves -- which is wonderful, but you can take it to a point, and then it gets a little bit crazy.'

Smulders' character in particular is one such 'crazy' trainer, which Decker found to be quite impressive.

'Cobie's character is in scenes, and then the scene ends, and then it's Cobie leaving the scene, literally running out of it into the next scene,' Decker explained. 'You're running the entire time. I feel like that's how it is for a trainer, it's a little cuckoo.'

That's how it is for the trainers, sure... but as casual gym-goers, what is it that Smulders and Decker do -- and do not -- want to see at the gym?

'Hot bods,' Smulders said with a laugh. 'I only wanna see hot bods.'

Decker took it a step further... actually, scratch that. She took it a box jump further.

I prefer people wearing nothing,' she said. 'I hate it when they wear workout clothes, I don't understand that phenomenon. I don't understand leggings, and sports bras... just get naked, just show it off, that's why you're working.'

You hear that folks? When you see Brooklyn Decker at Equinox, just get naked! The police won't mind.