How To Buy A 'Street Fighter IV' Arcade Cabinet (It's Not Easy!)

How Buy Astreet Fighter Ivarcade Cabinet Its Not Easy

With reports popping up on the Internet about ' Street Fighter IV ' arcade cabinets appearing in a handful of arcades across the United States, I began to wonder:

How can I get one?

I asked my man in Capcom PR how to obtain an official arcade unit. He confirmed to me that 'technically, the average gamer probably could' get one -- if they can navigate the following hurdles:

1) Spend A Lot Of Money : Capcom won't divulge the price. All I could find out is that the 2,349,400 Yen cost ‘Street Fighter IV’ Producer Perplexed By America’s Choice For Favorite New Character

Is Capcom Already Thinking Street Fighter V?

[Image Credit: Capcom Unity ]