How Did Chanel West Coast Get Her Stage Name?

How Did Chanel West Coast Get Her Stage Name

MySpace may be six feet under, but Chanel West Coast is proof that the social media site's legacy is very much alive.

The ' Fantasy Factory ' star, who recently helped close the show's doors in magical fashion , explained to Pop Crush yesterday how her distinct stage name came to be, and it is a real humdinger.

'Chanel’s my middle name, so that’s kind of just on my birth certificate,' she began in the interview. 'It’s funny, because growing up I knew I wanted to do music. And Britney Spears — that sounds catchy. Christina Aguilera — that sounds catchy. My real, full name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley. In my opinion, Chelsea Dudley does not sound like a rapper. So I was like, 'You know what? I'ma drop both of those names and just go by Chanel.'

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'And then it’s funny because I added the West Coast by accident back in the MySpace days,' she continued. 'When I was trying to figure out a URL for my MySpace music page, all Chanels were taken, so I was like, 'You know what? I’m a West Coast rapper, so maybe I’ll just make my URL Chanel West Coast.' And then it kind of stuck with me and people started calling me West Coast like it was my last name, like, 'What up, West Coast!?''

And you thought 'Cher' was iconic...

What do you think of the Chanel West Coast origin story? Be sure to catch her on 'Ridiculousness' Thursday nights at 10/9c!