How Did 'Wild 'N Out' Newbies Timothy DeLaGhetto And Conceited Come Up With Their Stage Names? [Video]

How Didwildn Outnewbies Timothy Delaghetto

Timothy DeLaGhetto and Conceited backstage at a 'Wild 'N Out' taping.

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To fill out the cast for the return of ' Wild 'N Out ,' Nick Cannon searched from coast to coast for the most cunning rappers and comedians to cut today's biggest celebs down to size. California YouTube star Timothy DeLaGhetto and Brooklyn-bred battle rapper Conceited are among the fresh talent for the season, and we recently caught up with the new blood to find out how they ended up with names that make ' North West 'and ' Blue Ivy ' sound like Plain Jane.

In the interview below, Timothy explains how his idol, Will Smith , served as the inspiration for his stage surname, borrowing it from an episode of ' Fresh Prince ,' in which Will created a smooth-talking alter ego, Raphael DeLaGhetto , to get chicks to fall for him in poetry club. 'I took that [name] because... I'm like a poet, of sorts,' he says. With almost two million subscribers hanging on his every word, we'd have to agree. Conceited, on the other hand, claims his cocky moniker 'started as a complete joke' between him and his similarly titled buddy, Arrogant, until he realized it had a nice ring and decided to keep it for real. We can only imagine the jokes he'll suffer when 'Wild 'N Out' premieres July 10 at 11/10c on MTV2!

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