How Jennifer Lawrence Saved The Golden Globes In 5 Easy Steps

How Jennifer Lawrence Saved Golden Globes 5 Easy Steps

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Jennifer Lawrence was the Girl on Fire at Sunday night's 2016 Golden Globes -- and no, this has nothing to do with 'The Hunger Games.' To put it honestly, JLaw was a ray of sunshine during an otherwise garbage telecast. Usually, the Globes have the reputation of being 'The Fun One,' mostly due to the notoriously open bar, but this year's show was awkward, boring and frankly, quite tone-deaf. Enter Lawrence.

It's not that we should expect the 25-year-old actress to entertain us during every award show, but it's become a bit commonplace. Wherever JLaw is, fart jokes and badass feminism is sure to follow. This year, Lawrence lived up to our expectations and more. Between petting Katy Perry's hair on the red carpet to taking the stage with her screenwriting partner Amy Schumer and shutting down any 'preconceived notions' about women in Hollywood, JLaw ruled the 2016 Golden Globes. Here are some of her finest moments:

  • When she called out Katy Perry's Bumpit.

    On an otherwise rote red carpet, this authentic, and purely unexpected exchange between JLaw and pop star Katy Perry was the highlight of the pre-show. Akin to the time Lawrence photobombed Taylor Swift's interview with Ryan Seacrest at the 2014 Golden Globes, JLaw interrupted Perry's interview -- and this magical moment happened. After some initial prodding from Lawrence, Katy revealed that, yes, she was wearing a Bumpit in her raven mane. JLaw touched it just to make sure.

  • When she laughed off Ricky Gervais' crude joke. Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty

    Ricky Gervais' brand of humor is notoriously crass, and he certainly didn't hold back during his opening monologue, insulting everyone from Caitlyn Jenner to Jeffrey Tambor and even our bb girl JLaw's honest essay about the gender pay gap in Hollywood. 'How the hell could a 25-year-old live on million?' Gervais quipped. In true Lawrence fashion, she laughed off the Brit's asinine joke with a hearty laugh. It just rolled off her shoulder.

  • When JLaw and ASchu introduced themselves to the world. NBC

    There's no doubt that Lawrence and her writing partner/BFF Amy Schumer are the hottest couple in Hollywood. So it was only fitting that when it was time to present scenes from their Golden Globe-nominated films, 'Joy' and 'Trainwreck,' respectively, the besties decided to cat walk out onto the stage together. The two introduced themselves by their popular celebrity names, 'JLaw' and 'ASchu.'

    'As women in Hollywood, people have a lot of pre-conceived notions about us,' Lawrence said.

    'You know, like they’re so pretty and everyone likes them and wants to hang out with them and they seem so fun to be around and oh, they should be models,' Schumer added, cementing their bid to run for hosts of the 2017 Golden Globes.

  • When she won -- and didn't trip!

    Lawrence has a very intimate relationship with the floor. After famously tripping up the stairs on the way to collect her Best Actress Academy Award for 'Silver Linings Playbook' and again on the Oscars red carpet the following year, everyone just expects her to trip at every big award show. But JLaw showed us just how composed she could be when she accepted her Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Sunday night. Of course, that didn't mean her signature humor didn't come out upon receiving her Globe...

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  • When she revealed who she wanted to be buried with. NBC

    Upon accepting her Golden Globe, JLaw revealed where she wants to be buried -- alongside director David O. Russell, of course.

    'Every time I'm up here, it is because of you,' she told him from onstage before thanking the real life Joy Mangano, her supporting cast, her home state of Kentucky and her family. 'Your love of cinema is so pure and you’re so untainted by this that you make movies without caring if anyone sees them -- and I meant that as a compliment,' she added.

    This being JLaw, however, she naturally took her devotion a step too far: 'I love you. I want us to be buried next to each other.' [Cue ravenous audience applause.]