How Much Green Eggs And Ham Can You Buy With Netflix’s ‘Green Eggs And Ham’ Budget?

How Much Green Eggs

You might have thought it was a joke when you first heard the news, but it's totally happening -- Ellen Degeneres is teaming up with Netflix to produce a TV series based on the classic children's story 'Green Eggs and Ham,' as she announced to a live audience at her talk show 'Ellen' on Wednesday.

Deadline reports that the series is set to debut in May 2018, almost 3 years from now, and that Warner Brothers expects it to be 'the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television.' How much money are we talking, here? The rumors are that it will cost $5 to $6 million per episode, which means that at 13 episodes, the show might take up to $78 million altogether.

Obviously we're guessing that most of that budget will go towards, you know, actually making a TV show. But what if they spent the whole shebang just on the iconic food from the book? We did the math, and they could feed a LOT of green eggs and ham to people with that kinda money.

  1. Green Food Coloring Getty Images

    A 1 oz bottle of McCormick Specialty Extracts Green Food Color retails for $2.98 at Walmart , so you could buy a lot of them with $78 million -- 26,174,496 bottles , in fact.

  2. Eggs Getty Images

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor , the average retail price for two dozen eggs in this country is approximately $2.02, meaning that each egg is 17 cents. With the 'Green Eggs and Ham' budget, you'd be able to score about 458,823,529 eggs .

  3. Ham Getty Images

    Whole portions of bone-in ham like the stuff Sam's trying to hoist on our poor narrator can run you a lot -- at Harrington Hams , a 6 to 12 pound ham costs $74.95. $78 million could get you at least 1,040,693 of those hams.

  4. Put It All Together...

    When you add up the individual cost of each part of the meal -- two eggs, half a ham, and two to three drops of food coloring -- then with the rumored Netflix budget you can make green eggs and ham for exactly 975,622 people , which is roughly the population of San Jose, California according to 2010 U.S. census data. Man, that's a lot of eaters.