How One Direction's 'Night Changes' Eerily Predicted Zayn Leaving

How One Directions Night Changeseerily Predicted Zayn Leaving

Now that Zayn Malik has left One Direction , I can't listen to their music the same way. I've been mourning with Four ever since the news broke earlier today. And I hear little bits of eerie foretelling within every song. Were they preparing us for Zayn's departure this whole time?

First of all, on 'Spaces,' they sing, 'Who's gonna be the first one to say goodbye?'

hotline bling justin bieber remix

Hint: it's Zayn.

On 'Change Your Ticket,' they sing 'Don't go, it's not the same when you're gone. And it's not good to be alone.'

Just stay a few more days, Zayn. Just stay.

But 'Night Changes' has got to be the most creepy. Sure, this song is about a romantic relationship, but it applies to band shake-ups too! Let's walk through the chorus, shall we?

  1. 'We're only getting older, baby'

    It's true. One Direction is getting older. They've gone from being young teens trying to make it through a reality singing competition to worldwide celebrities. They were just kids, and now they're growing up, making their own life decisions, GETTING ENGAGED ... you know, adult stuff. And as we've learned from music history, boy bands don't age well . With this lyric, the guys are super self-aware. Yeah, they're getting older, and change is inevitable.

  2. 'And I've been thinking about it lately'

    Oh, have you been thinking about it lately? We weren't thinking about it at all. We never expected this shake-up. We were all fine and dandy. DANDY, I SAY! It's OK, though. They knew change was coming and they embraced it.

  3. 'Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?'

    This lyric proves that things can change overnight. And as we've witnessed, One Direction were fully together yesterday, and today, they lost a member.

  4. 'Everything that you've ever dreamed of/ Disappearing when you wake up'

    For many of us, One Direction was a dream -- a five-year dream. Today, it's a dream extinguished. With this lyric, the guys know that things won't be the same.

  5. 'But there's nothing to be afraid of'

    Here's where they reassure us. Because, damn it, this is going to be hard. We still have Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam, but will One Direction be the same? Will their fifth album be good? Will they still make sparks fly on tour? We have all these worries, but 1D says 'there's nothing to be afraid of,' and that means everything is going to be OK.

  6. 'Even when the night changes, it will never change me and you'

    Because no matter what happens -- even though we've lost a crucial member of our favorite band -- we're still the same. Cheers to that, Zayn.

  7. Who knew that One Direction would be the ones helping us through their own turmoil?