How To Play 'Michael Jackson: The Experience'

How Playmichael Jackson

Watching the above gameplay footage of 'Michael Jackson: The Experience,' the upcoming dance game from Ubisoft, you may be a little confused on how one would actually play it. It is, after all, on the Wii, which has no camera, and there's no 'Dance Dance Revolution'-style mat to track your motions. How does the game know that you're matching every Moonwalk and crotch grab to perfection? Turns out, it's all in the wrist.

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The animated MJ featured in the game is sporting his classic white glove, which is the key to playing 'The Experience.' Holding the Wii remote in your hand, the idea is to match the movements of Michael's glove in time with the music. The sides of the screen will show you dance moves, and you're supposed to match those moves as they hit the top of the screen. If you've played Ubisoft's other dance franchise, 'Just Dance,' it's basically the same thing.

The game doesn't require MotionPlus, and the rest of your body isn't tracked at all, so there's definitely some wiggle room when it comes to nailing the moves. It's not what I'd call a 'competitive' dance game like 'DDR' or the upcoming 'Dance Central,' both of which are a lot more accurate in determining how close you are to matching the choreography.

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But, neither of those games have songs from Michael Jackson, which counts for a lot if you're a fan. It'll be interesting to see just how much sway MJ still holds with the gaming audience. Even more interesting is when Ubisoft brings 'The Experience' to Kinect and PlayStation Move next year. Will it become a more hardcore dance game or stay true to its roots? Time will tell.