How This Man Went From Catfish To Godfather

How This Man Went From Catfish Godfather

Catfish has forged romances, friendships and connections that went to s**t as soon as the in-person meeting occurred. But during tonight's episode, we witnessed a relationship first: love hopeful Kim asked her longtime digital companion Matt to be her daughter's godfather.

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Before we get into how and why Matt accepted Kim's request, a look back at their tale: The two began speaking five years ago on a dating app and bonded over the lack of parental support in their lives. And even though they were both living in Sacramento (he claimed to currently be in Florida), Matt bailed on two occasions. Another detail: Kim had never seen a photo of Matt (his profile pic was a cartoon dog).

When Nev and Max got to searching, everything Matt told Kim pretty much checked out. But Kim had a curveball of her own: She had yet to tell Matt (as well as the super sleuths) that she had a little girl named Norma. What was the reason for keeping this from Matt?

'He told her some things that made her not want to bring [Norma] up,' Kim's ex-boyfriend Joseph (and Norma's father) told the detectives. When Max asked Kim if her decision was based on Matt making statements about not having children/not liking children, Kim reluctantly replied with a 'mhmm.'

At the in-person introduction, Matt claimed he was a 'secretive' person (that was the reason he didn't send images) and expressed he cared about Kim. And when it was time for Kim to tell Matt about Norma, he was understandably surprised.

'I get that I was lying, but can you really blame me?' the mother asked. 'You don't like children.'

The topic of Norma didn't end there -- and that's when she dropped the godfather query.

'Hold up,' Matt quickly replied. 'I've never even met her. Now my anxiety is through the roof.' The Norma twists continued: Kim had gone into labor when she and Matt were supposed to meet.

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Back to the here and now: The following day, Matt met Norma -- and sweetly gave the toddler a stuffed animal. While Kim expressed her desire to be more than friends with Matt, he admitted he wasn't in a place to be in a relationship. But that didn't change his stance on being Norma's godfather, and he accepted the guardian-type role (and revealed at the two-month catchup that he was hoping to send Norma a Christmas gift).

What do you think of Matt's journey from mysterious companion to godfather? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching the docu-series every Wednesday at 10/9c.