How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To One Direction’s ‘Act My Age?’ [Quiz]

How Well Do You Know Lyrics One Direction S Act My Age

If you're a One Direction fan, St. Patrick's Day isn't just an occasion to wear green and drink Shamrock Shakes. It's also a chance to celebrate the band's resident Irishman, Niall Horan.

A native of Mullingar, Ireland, Niall proudly wears his heritage on his sleeve -- if you've seen the band live before, you've probably noticed that he performs with a green, white, and orange microphone and ear piece. But he's never as gleefully Irish as when the band breaks out into 'Act My Age,' the rollicking Four song that sounds tailor-made for soundtracking reckless pub crawls. When 1D sings it live, you can usually expect Niall to bust out some adorable jig, like so:

So to properly celebrate St. Patty's Day, it's only appropriate that you ace the quiz below, which tests your knowledge of the 'Act My Age' lyrics (while also treating you to a slew of Niall pics). Do him proud!

And now that that's out of the way, go ahead and blast this on repeat for the rest of March, just because: