How [Spoiler] Won All Of Are You The One: Second Chances

How Won All Are You One

Only one perfect match could reign supreme on Are You The One: Second Chances , and the winner is... Devin and Rashida . Shocker.

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We saw it coming from a mile away — the Season 3 alums won the most missions (five, if you want to get mathematical), they consistently had the biggest bank (an end sum of 0,000), and most importantly? If Dashida suffered from any onscreen drama, we saw very little of it... which can't exactly be said about any other couple on the show, save for those one-episode-wonders, Cas and Derrick .

So how did the self-proclaimed puppet masters come out on top? Devin said it best during his final confessional: 'Day in and day out, we're supportive of each other, we're there for each other, and we brought the best out of each other, and that came full circle today.'

There's also the minor fact that these two brought a few key qualities to the table, many of which are essential for any lasting relationship, such as:

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  • Endless encouragement

    Whether wading neck-deep through mud puddles or plucking dead chickens, they didn't accomplish a single Second Chances task without boosting the other's morale. (Say it with us: 'Rashiiiiiiidaaaa!')

  • Total trust

    While Devin wavered over stealing the cash, his smitten counterpart ultimately trusted him in the end. It was their final (and very mutual) decision to 'Share' that elevated these two to champion status.

  • Lots of laughs

    From singing Disney theme songs in flawless harmony to giggling over a certain someone's rather risqué wet dream , Dashida kept their sense of humor — inside and outside of the Winner's Suite.

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  • Continuous Communication

    The duo remained on the same page throughout the majority of the game, including every mission, by communicating their wants and needs to the other. The alternative? Bottling it all in, which would inevitably lead to a total explosion (we're lookin' at you, Adam and Shanley ).

  • Serious smarts

    Devin and Rashida might not have Torgan's strength or Shadam's athleticism, but they do have one thing: an eye for strategy, red Solo cups not needed.

Are you surprised by the big Dashida win, or did you totally expect it too? Sound off in the comments, and keep an eye on MTV News for more Are You The One? updates!