Hug Me, Brotha! There's Going To Be A 'Drake & Josh' Crossover On 'Game Shakers'

Hug Me Brotha Theres Going Be Adrake Joshcrossover Ongame Shakers

Nickelodeon's newest show ' Game Shakers ' is helping bring in '90s and '00s kids who grew up loving all of creator Dan Schneider's TV shows. This includes the one-and-only ' Drake & Josh .' Part of what made D&J so memorable (besides the main cast, duh) were the recurring characters on the show. All of them had such distinctive personalities and quirks, making them stay in fans' hearts eight years after the show ended.

On Monday, the 'Game Shakers' Instagram account had a very special announcement: Everyone's favorite movie theater manager will appear on this Saturday's (Oct. 10) episode.

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...Yep, Helen Dubois ( Yvette Nicole Brown ) is gracing our TV screens with her presence again!

The caption reads, 'The incomparable @YNB is back as HELEN on this Saturday's BRAND-NEW #GameShakers!! Are you ready for #TinyPickles?'

Brown was recently on our D&J radar when she hung out with her former co-star Josh Peck on Oct 1. Both shared a super cute pic on social media, proving Helen DOES love Josh. (I guess they managed to sort out that whole hot dog/mustard incident.)

This isn't the first time the character of Helen crossed-over onto another Schneider show. She played the principal of Hollywood Arts on ' Victorious .' I'm not sure how a movie theater manager quickly became a high school principal, but I guess that is not my job to figure out.


After learning of Helen's return, we came up with a few other D&J characters we'd like to see crossover on 'Game Shakers,' besides the main peeps.

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  1. 'Crazy' Steve Nickelodeon

    With all the crazy antics happening on the show, any teeny, tiny thing would set off Steve. Hope none of the kids eat his enchilada.

  2. Craig Ramirez and Eric Blonowitz Nickelodeon

    The nerdy duo could probably help fix any technical computer problems Kenzie can't solve. After Trip accidentally broke both the computer and backup hard drive with the new game file on them, I'm sure Craig and Eric's expertise would've come quite in handy.

  3. Mindy Crenshaw Nickelodeon

    Since Mindy's a fellow brainiac, she could probably help the kids develop some sick new apps. She'd also teach them how to be sass masters, because reasons.

  4. Mrs. Hayfer Nickelodeon

    The teacher who hated Drake with a passion should guest-star as the kids' teacher. My guess is she'll hate Hudson, since that just seems to be her nature.

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  5. Gavin Mitchell Nickelodeon

    TBH, Gavin is probably weirder than Ruthless and Bunny combined. He'd fit right in with Double G's squad.

Woo, let's make some crossover magic!