I Just Joined A Social Network That Ships Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson

I Just Joined Social Network That Ships Harry Styles

One Direction fans are a different breed. When they want something done, they do it. Directioners win the guys awards, create rumors that Liam Payne wears thongs (among others) and, apparently, now they're fighting for Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson to come out as lovers.

'Larry Shippers' -- 1D fans who are convinced that Harry and Louis are romantically linked -- have created a social media platform specifically for themselves. It's called LarryStylinson.org . And, naturally, I joined.

The website is founded on the premise that, if 100,000 Larry Shippers join, they can convince One Direction management to allow Harry and Louis to come out as gay. They believe that Larry is being suppressed because management is too afraid it'll hurt 1D's image. Here's their impassioned stance:


In their inaugural statement, they urge you to bring 10 other friends to join the site. And then those 10 friends are supposed to bring 10 friends. I invited no one to join. I'm a horrible Larry supporter.


You can even buy shirts for $36.99 to show your pride. This one quotes a video of Tomlinson, where he supposedly says, 'I'm gay. It's pretty unfortunate.' I didn't buy the shirt because I only wear black.

Soon enough, people were requesting my friendship, and I was chatting in the chat room and I was becoming a true member of the Larry community.

my email

I changed my avatar to a picture of Harry screaming. See? I thought it would be appropriate because he's screaming for freedom.


You can post personal status updates, like Rodrigo did above. You can also write blog posts, like the one below, titled 'Too Far?' No, guys, this is not too far. We're definitely not going too far.


There's a forum too, where you can start different discussions. One of the more popular threads is called 'theories/proof.' This is the best part of being a Larry Shipper -- finding little bits of evidence that Harry and Louis are in love. Also, Paul is dead .


Turns out, I'm really good at this chatting about Larry thing.


Right now we have less than a 1,000 shippers, but it'll catch on. Our goal is 100K shippers.

Larry Shippers, unite!