I Just Saw Ariana Grande's 'Focus' And I'm Going To Dye My Hair Now. Bye.

I Just Saw Ariana Grandes Focusand Im Going Dye My Hair Now

Ariana Grande is blue. But that's not because she's down on love -- in fact, it's quite the opposite. Ari sings about luring in a lover on her new song ' Focus ,' which dropped on Friday (Oct. 30)... all while wearing a blue wig.

In the video, Ari's hair changes from baby blue to lavender to light pink -- or maybe that's a white wig soaking up the neon hues that are signature to director Hannah Lux Davis' look (HLD also directed 'Bang Bang' and 'Love Me Harder). Crops tops are abound -- along with sky-high heels.

The song features some tangy beats and a drop that'll make you fall out of your chair. Instead of Ari singing the chorus, there's a dude -- who is said to be Pitbull, but gives me Mystikal vibes -- who repeats 'focus on me.' It may seem surprising that Grande isn't featured on her own chorus, but just remember back to the 'Problem' days when the sax took over during the chorus. It seems as if Ariana (and producers Max Martin and Ilya) are using the same format here: crazy good vocals, infectious brass (sprinkled with sax) and a bass drop to remind you that this tune is indeed a ~banger~.

The instrumentation in this song is highlighted when Ari pulls out a trumpet and starts dancing with it. That's 100 percent the best part of the video.

Sit back, relax dance your ass off to 'Focus':