If 'Suicide Squad' Gets A Sequel, Here’s Who Should Play Poison Ivy

Ifsuicide Squadgets Sequel

Everyone's making a big deal out of getting to see Harley interact with the Joker on the big screen in ' Suicide Squad ' (though of course, not everyone's necessarily happy about it). But here's what I want to know: when are we getting a new Poison Ivy?

The iconic Batman villain is incredibly popular among comic book fans, especially for her less-than-platonic relationship with Harley Quinn. And yes, that's confirmed! In June this year, 'Harley Quinn' comic writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor brought called them 'girlfriends' during a Twitter question and answer session on the DC Comics Twitter . Whee!

Despite her popularity, Poison Ivy's only had one theatrical appearance -- Uma Thurman in 'Batman and Robin,' which basically killed the first Batman franchise back in the '90s. And she hasn't didn't get much in the way of a second chance in the wake of Nolan's gritty, realistic Batflicks, either.

Warner Bros.

Now it's clear that DC is going full-on superpowers with their new movies, so there's plenty of room for everybody again! And considering how popular Harley Quinn is as a character and how much attention she's been getting in all the hype for 'Suicide Squad,' a new Pamela Isley (or Ivy Pepper, if you're a 'Gotham' fan) would be a welcome addition to the shared universe. Heck, she was even a part of the Suicide Squad in the comics for a hot second in 1989, so it totally works.

So assuming that the criminals in Task Force X get themselves a sequel some time, here's who we think would be best paired alongside Margot Robbie in another future 'Batman'-inspired film. Hey, maybe after ' Batman V Superman ' and 'Suicide Squad' we could get a 'Gotham City Sirens' movie? Think about it, Warner Brothers.

  • Holland Roden Getty Images

    Lydia on 'Teen Wolf' is a chemistry whiz who's also a Banshee and whose supernatural powers keep drawing her towards murder scenes. That seems like more than enough experience to play a member of the Gotham City Sirens.

  • Karen Gillan Getty Images

    She has experience playing both a badass villain in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' AND a sexy redhead in 'Doctor Who.' Basically all we need is one part Nebula, one part Amy Pond, and a whole lot of plants.

  • Isla Fisher Getty Images

    Fisher might be better known for her comedic roles, but that's a good thing -- after all, she's going to need to keep up with the likes of Harley Quinn.

  • Eva Green Getty Images

    Green is rocking it on 'Penny Dreadful' these days, but she can take a quick break from her dark hair and Victorian sensibilities to go back to red for a bit and really vamp it up in Gotham. Also, her name is already Green, so it's perfect.

  • Gillian Anderson Getty Images

    True, Gillian's just a teeny bit older than everyone else I've suggested -- but not that much older than Ben Affleck and Jared Leto, so wouldn't she make sense as a villain from Gotham's heydey? Plus, have you ever seen her in any TV show ever in your life? Because if you have then you know this is a perfect fit because Gillian Anderson is a genius goddess of wisdom and passion and amazingness. Let's just cast her right now. You're welcome. End of list.