Iggy Azalea Cackles Off Rumors That She's A Man

Iggy Azalea Cackles Off Rumors That Shes Man

Did you know Iggy Azalea was born a boy named Cody? Neither did she.

The rapper posted the hilarious rumor Friday morning (December 12), giving us all a good laugh.


The story she's referring to comes from a site called Huzlers . Here's a hilarious clip:

Huzler's source is wacky because, um, we're MTV, and Iggy never said that to us. Nevertheless, the whole thing is a great way to kick off the weekend, and Twitter had fun with it.

https://twitter.com/IGGYAZALEA/status/543329908202946560 https://twitter.com/IGGYAZALEA/status/543330651244863488 https://twitter.com/MackinDaddyy/status/543339700778729472 https://twitter.com/Amyynicoleee18/status/543337786540302336 https://twitter.com/IGGYAZALEA/status/543331534896640000

Iggy will be attending the 9th annual Billboard Women in Music Awards in New York City tonight, which is honoring Taylor Swift as Woman of the Year . But will Iggy be able to accept her Chart-Topper award now that her fake secret is out?


This is the second day in a row Azalea is addressing ridiculous rumors. Yesterday, she played around with the latest story about friend Demi Lovato , who, according to a random Twitter user, called a fan 'fat' at a meet and greet and 'flicked my vagina' and then DMed the fan to tell her to delete the story from the Internet. All this resulted in a hilarious back-and-forth with Iggy and Demi and some new vocab words for Iggs.


So, to all you gossipers out there: