Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora Take 'House Of Style' On The Set Of 'Black Widow'

Iggy Azalea Rita Ora Takehouse Styleon Set Ofblack Widow

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora ’s ' Black Widow ' video premiered mere hours ago, and we've been playing it on repeat ever since, but we STILL can't get enough of the track (it's catchy AF, sorry I'm not sorry) and its short film of a vid. We know we can't be alone in this, so we're serving up a piping hot helping of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Black Widow' set in this very special episode of House of Style .

Watch House Of Style: On The Set Of 'Black Widow'

The five-minute and 30-second mini-film is inspired by vintage kung fu flicks and Quentin Tarantino classics like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill . It's a mashup of cinematic references, starting you in a diner (with a cameo from