I'm Pretending This Picture of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chance The Rapper, And Vic Mensa Is Actually A Song

Im Pretending This Picture Beyonc

If there was a superpower which allowed me to turn a photograph into a song, I would use it right now. On this photograph. Of these very talented folks.


The lighting here is a little strange, and so are the directions that people's heads are facing, but yes, that is Beyoncé , Jay Z , Chance the Rapper , and Vic Mensa .

Once more.


'Birthday with friends,' Vic wrote, as he celebrated his 23rd birthday with the rich, famous, and musically gifted.

Chano called it, 'the coolest thing I did yesterday,' which feels like a wild understatement. But, hey, I get the sentiment.

Of course, this isn't a random collection of music stars. It makes sense they'd be in the same place: Bey and Jay are married (you know?); Vic and Chance are longtime friends; Vic is signed to Hov's Roc Nation; Bey and Jay watched a Chance show last year ; and -- who could forget -- Bey is Chance's Auntie 'Yoncé.

Maybe this means they'll be in the same place recording a song soon, too? How 'bout it?