Instagram Affair: Did Sheila Really Nab A Love & Hip Hop Star...Or A Catfish?

Instagram Affair Did Sheila Really Nab Love Hip Hop Star

A single mom from Long Island thought she was having an Instagram affair with one of the stars of Love & Hip Hop , but was her reality star beau the real deal or a bona fide Catfish ?

On tonight's episode of the MTV show, Sheila, a 33-year-old from Central Islip, told Nev and guest host/basketball player extraordinaire Nick Young that she'd met the one and only Rich Dollaz after sliding into his DMs on Instagram. And while Sheila noted that even he labels himself a 'creep' on Love & Hip Hop , she found the playboy to be a 'sweetheart' -- despite the fact that he'd requested video of her 'getting busy,' along with photos of her 'hoo ha.' (Note: she complied. *sigh*)

After some investigating, Nev and Nick decided that Sheila was really talking to Rich -- after all, that IG account was verified, and when Nev checked with VH1's press team, he was told that Rich didn't seem to have someone else running his social media. And sure enough, when Nev, Nick and Sheila finally came face-to-face with the man apparently behind all those DMs, it was indeed Rich. So did he and Sheila have a happily-ever-after? Not quite.

'I don’t do my own social media page,' he announced. 'I’m sorry, but the conversations you’ve been having weren’t with me.

So who, Sheila asked, was she really talking to? Turns out, it was Rich's nephew Rove, who swiftly appeared -- and showed he wasn't exactly contrite.

I get thousands and thousands of DMs,' said the twentysomething, who was the one running his uncle's IG account. He then explained his modus operandi: He’d go through the DMs, pick the most interesting, then contact the woman who’d sent it and have fun with her.

I take IG as a joke, Rove said. It's all fun and games. You say 'jump,' and they jump. It’s funny. You say, ‘Send nudes,’ and they send it.

Nev, meanwhile, was pretty much appalled. I’m getting a sense that you don’t feel like you’ve really done anything wrong, which is kind of crazy, he said, before adding, rather eloquently, You really seem like a huge sh*thead. Oh, and Nick? He was firmly on Sheila's side, decimating Rove by labeling him a 'creep' and 'a real pervert.'

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Still, Rove continued making excuses, victim blaming, and shoveling lots of BS, but after Nev and Nick wore him down, he finally waved a white flag and apologized. 'After today, it’s done,' he said, promising to stop his Instagram ruse. 'It will never happen again.

So did he keep his word? Two months later, when he videochatted with Nev and Nick, he proclaimed his catfishing days were over. Sheila, meanwhile, said she was 'talking to' a new beau -- a 'somewhat' celebrity she hadn't yet met IRL (but one with – you guessed it -- a verified IG account). Oh, Sheila … ('80s flashback!)

But what do you think? Will Rove really stop catfishing women? And is Sheila headed down the wrong path – again – with her new Instagram interest? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.