Internet Slang Has Been Proof Of Satanic Worship All Along...LOL!

Internet Slang Has Been Proof Satanic Worship All Along

Remember hearing stories that worried, conservative parents thought that bands like The Beatles , Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd had hidden messages from the devil embedded in their music? People actually believed that if you played songs like 'Stairway To Heaven' backwards the secret plans of the Church of Satan would be revealed!

People were so thrown off by the new sounds of rock and roll, that a lot of pretty unreal conspiracy theories began to circulate. Well, the 2014 version of those bizarre theories has hit. And of course, since it's 2014, the concern is not rock and roll but internet slang. This photo posted to the image-sharing site Imgur breaks down just what kind of dark magic could be inhabiting phrases like 'YOLO,' 'Swag' and even the seemingly innocent 'LOL.'

amandla stenberg e princesa rei

It never occurred to you that BRB actually stood for 'Beezlebub Rises Below' ?!?! Well, that's how they get you. They = Beezlebub and his minions.

Or you know, it's also possible this picture is all part of an elaborate, sarcastic joke—which is still pretty funny. Next time you hear someone say they have 'swag,' make sure to let them know they're helping grant Satan's wishes.

marca da besta 616

Oh, you thought you were remarking on how something was so funny that you are Laughing Out Loud? Nope, you're paying homage to Lucifer Our Lord.

Seriously internet, you've really outdone yourself this time. LOL!