The IRL Coconut Head Shares 14 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide' Secrets

Irl Coconut Head Shares 14neds Declassified School Survival Guidesecrets

No character was more memorable on ' Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide ' than the one and only Coconut Head. He was goofy, eccentric, cute and tossable.

After learning actor Rob Pinkston actually has Attack on Titan '] there’s this wimpy little kid character who’s always screaming other people’s names and he wears a coconut head and so somebody drew that character on top of me... Basically there’s this whole anime movement of having Coconut Head play this character. So I’m pretty proud of that one.'

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  • Not even Coconut Head is safe from the 'Dad' comments. Nickelodeon

    'I don't understand what’s going on with that, and I have gotten a lot of dad comments... And I was thinking, I don’t know how old these people are, but it could be very bad if they’re not over a certain age.'

  • Pinkston's real dad played Coconut Head's dad. Nickelodeon

    '[My real dad] played my [stage] dad for a brief moment in the car wash episode... There’s a moment when all the cars are backed up in the line because we’re not doing our job well, and one of the guys in line is wearing this awful, awful larger version of a coconut head wig... that’s actually my dad.'

  • Pinkston knows exactly what Coconut Head grew up to be in life. Nickelodeon

    'Oh, [he's] obviously a hairstylist... [but] I can see him definitely being on 'The Voice' or 'American Idol,' and having a big moment of stardom... Either that, or he’d go viral on the internet for some dumb thing.'

  • Coconut Head and Pinkston actually weren't that different growing up. Nickelodeon

    'I was the short weirdo in middle school and high school. So, I was basically like Coconut Head. I was bullied all the time and had the weird haircut and people would always comment on my looks. And I would be embarrassing myself in ridiculous ways. So, I actually learned a lot of those lessons [from 'Ned's Declassified'] just from my own experience, before the show started. And then when I started seeing [the tips] in the show, I was like, 'Man, if I had only known earlier.''

  • Coconut Head is internationally famous (as he should be). Nickelodeon

    'I was traveling with my family in Germany, and I saw the show in German and everybody called my character 'Kokosnusskopf.' And I was really, really impressed. I have a huge following in the Latin countries. I have a ton of Spanish-speaking followers. I believe it’s from South America, but I’m not too sure. But it’s insane. More than half of my fans come from there.

    ...I got a bunch of fan mail from people in Germany and including one person who said that since the show had come out, the Coconut Head bob haircut had become a huge thing at their school and everybody at the school started getting a haircut.'

    • If you're wondering what Pinkston is up to now — besides having fantastic hair — he has a new project in the works. Courtesy of Rob Pinkston

      'I took a break from acting for a little bit to go to film school... I graduated and then I started making TV shows. So now I’m actually writing and directing a show very similar to 'Ned's [Declassified'] that I’m not allowed to talk much more about it.

      But, I created the show and I’m in it and if you go to my Instagram and Snapchat [username 'pinkypinkston'], you’ll see me taking some stuff behind the scenes and get a sneak peek about it.'