IRON ARMORY: Iron Man's Thorbuster Armor Explained

Iron Armory Iron Mans Thorbuster Armor Explained

by Ryan Rigley

Arguably one of the most thrilling parts of Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers' was when Iron Man and Thor first butted heads . In the film, Iron Man and Thor fought each other to a stand still, with Captain America eventually intervening. In the comic books, however, this battle might have panned out a little differently, especially since Tony's comic book counterpart has a suit of armor prepared for just such an occasion: The Thorbuster.

'Seems to me you're talking about the difference between technology and the power of the gods,' quips Mike Grell, who wrote the original Iron Man story which saw the premiere of Tony's Thorbuster armor. First appearing in 'Iron Man' volume 3 #64, the suit is actually powered by an Asgardian energy crystal given to Tony by Thor himself.

Originally, Thor bestowed the Asgardian crystal upon Tony with the hopes that he would create a safer, cleaner energy source for the people of Earth. Tony, of course, did just the opposite of what he was told and used the crystal as a power source for his new armor. Fueled by the exact same energy fields as the God of Thunder, Iron Man was effectively granted the gift of the Odin Force whilst wearing his Thorbuster armor.

'Tony is a scientist and engineer who understands every aspect of the technological world,' Grell explains. 'He'd probably think magic is just mumbo jumbo... until he saw it work for real. Then, even if he couldn't explain it, he'd have to admit it exists and would try to find a way to utilize it.'

After Thor's rampage in Slokovia, Iron Man was asked by the U.S. government to convince the God of Thunder to leave the country before United Nation's armed forces showed up. Thor, being the stubborn god that he is, refused to negotiate, and Tony Stark was forced to deal with the situation the only other way possible: a good old fashioned beat down.

Tony's Asgardian armor channels the same power that gives Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, its strength. In his Thorbuster suit, Tony can stop Mjolnir mid-flight as well as absorb Thor's thunderous attacks and fire them back at him. In the comics, the fight between Iron Man and Thor also ended in a stand still. Thor ripped the Thorbuster armor off of Tony, who then made a daring escape in his normal suit of armor.

So how exactly would a fight between Thor and a Thorbuster-suited Iron Man play out in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 'Exactly the same,' answers Grell. 'This is Hollywood. Thou shalt not break the formula.' Regardless, here's hoping that Tony's Asgardian armor makes an appearance in the next 'Iron Man' or 'Avengers' film!

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