Is Ewan McGregor Trying To Kill Me With His Questionable Beauty And The Beast Accent?

Is Ewan Mcgregor Trying Kill Me With His Questionable Beauty

I love Ewan McGregor , full stop. He's my Obi-Wan Kenobi! He's the handsome vagabond who captured my heart with one perfect falsetto in Moulin Rouge! He's an unapologetic feminist who publicly took on not only Hollywood's nudity double standard but also social-media cretin Piers Morgan . He's perfect! Delightful, even! But he's honestly trying to kill me with that wack French accent in Beauty and the Beast .

And he knows it.

Last year, the Scottish actor revealed that his French accent as candlestick Lumière was so terrible that Disney made him rerecord all his dialogue. It's not that McGregor isn't qualified — he's been married to a French woman for more than 20 years — but damn. Why is he trolling me with this accent?

Take a listen for yourself in Disney's new TV spot, which premiered during Sunday's Oscars telecast. Try not to cry when you hear Lumière tell Emma Watson 's Belle, 'Prepare to enter an enchanted world where you will be ... our guest!'

At what point does Disney just decide to make Lumière a Scottish candlestick? Or better yet, they could have just made him British, like everyone else in this movie.