Is James Franco In Love With Emma Watson? The Story Behind That Strange Tattoo

Is James Franco Love With Emma Watson

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If you've logged on to Instagram in the past 24 hours and you also follow Insta-provocateur James Franco , then you almost definitely noticed something a little bit strange adorning the 'This is the End' actors' neck: mainly, a tattoo of fellow megastar Emma Watson , with the caption 'I <3 Hermione' making the whole situation that much stranger.

However, before you do an 'accio bodyguard' spell to protect your favorite Gryffindor, know that the artist behind the tattoo, a Franco-collaborator named Cheyenne Randall, made this one for his buddy on a whim.

'James and I work together on these images from time to time,' Randall explained over email. 'Previously I did a Lana Del Rey image of him, and a wheat paste of the same image a while back. I think it's safe to say we have a mutual respect for each others' craft.

'This time around I was looking for another girl to be his love in this fictitious scenario, and just happened to recently watch 'This is the End' with Emma in it,' he continued. 'I just went with it, and it fit well. 'Emma' really is the perfect name for tattoo script.'

Welp, there you have it. Randall has actually created a whole bunch of tatted up images of celebs -- this one of Cara Delevingne is pretty great -- but Franco tends to share and promote them more, because he's such a lover of ~ art ~. So no need to worry about Franco's true love for Lana Del Rey being tainted by Hermione. Franco Del Rey is real.