Is Lorelai Pregnant In The Gilmore Girls Revival? Here’s The Big Clue

Is Lorelai Pregnant Gilmore Girls Revival

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Any Gilmore Girls devotee knows the titular mother-daughter duo basically (and miraculously) subsist on a diet of pizza, takeout Chinese, Mallomars, black coffee, and pie from Luke’s Diner. Healthy food is pretty much out of the question ... except , that is, when Lorelai’s pregnant.

In a Season 5 episode called Blame Booze and Melville,' Lorelai worries she might be pregnant with Luke’s baby after she suddenly starts craving apples: something she only ate when she was pregnant with Rory.

Keep that factoid in mind, and then look at this post from the official Gilmore Girls Instagram account advertising the show’s upcoming Netflix reboot:


It doesn’t take a Yale degree to deduce that maybe — just maybe! — the apple is a not-so-subtle hint that Lorelai’s expecting another li’l Gilmore. Or that her weird pregnancy cravings are genetic, and it’s actually Rory who has a bun in the oven (though that seems less likely, considering her love life is way up in the air). After all, the four-part Netflix reboot will span a whole year in the lives of the Stars Hollow clan, meaning there’s enough time to see someone go through an entire pregnancy and begin life with a newborn.

But not so fast! Eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that Lorelai assembled the same pastry-fruit platter in the Season 1 episode Concert Interruptus, before Rory and her Chilton frenemies hit up the Bangles concert.


So ... either Lorelai is recreating her 15-year-old hodgepodge appetizer dish, or she (or Rory) is having another pregnancy scare. Or they’ve realized that their junk food–heavy diet is slowly clogging their arteries and they’re simply trying to save themselves from early-onset heart disease. We’ll all find out when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life debuts on Netflix on November 25.

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