Is The 'Real World: Skeletons' Wolfpack Back Together Again?

Is Thereal World Skeletonswolfpack Back Together Again

In nature, wolfpacks are generally bound for life, but in the ' Real World: Skeletons ' house, the team of beasts proved some creatures are eventually destined to walk alone.

By the time Season 30's finale aired, Bruno , Jason and Nicole -- who were inseparable through most of their tenancy in Chicago -- found their trio had fallen to pieces: Bruno had adopted the role of lone wolf, and Nicole and Jason couldn't seem to recover from an argument that sent seismic waves through the Windy City. So where do the three amigos stand now?

Bruno, for one, said he hasn't counted out his relationship with Nicole -- adding the two are 'best of friends' -- and shared that he and Jason are planning a time to get together. Bruno and his formerly estranged brother Briah, who made amends during 'Skeletons,' are also still on solid ground too.

Sadly, the same can't be said for Bruno and his girlfriend Carla, who broke up in December.

And one final update?

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'Tuna and burgers will always be a part of the grocery list,' Bruno said. Excellent.

Naturally, as Jason became a father while on the show, his focus has shifted to his new daughter Taylor, who he calls his 'motivator.'

'It's just amazing to witness her growth and see her personality develop,' he gushed. 'She is so amazing and funny now. I can only imagine how she's going to be when she gets older.'

Jason shared that he and Taylor's mother Yolanda 'have grown to understand one another' and are on the same page about raising Taylor. On the other hand, Jason and his biological father Lafayette, who met for the first time during production, haven't forged any type of relationship.

'Indeed, it was an emotional moment that I will never forget -- I'm glad, because closure was what I needed to start my next chapter in my life,' he reflected. 'I have not spoken to Lafayette since, but I have his information. Forgiving was the biggest part for me. In due time, he will hear from me.'

As for whether Jason and Nicole will find themselves in each other's good graces again, Nicole insisted only time will tell. On the other hand, there's no uncertainty about whether she and her two sisters -- who shared a week of laughs and deeply honest conversation this season -- will have to separate: Nicole confirmed she's bracing for Sam and Ashley to move out of the triplets' shared Staten Island abode.

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'Sam is actually getting married May 23 and moving out, so it's definitely going to be a hard change to cope with, but life will go on,' she said.

On 'Skeletons,' Sam and Ashley confronted Nicole about her reputation as a player and her habit of chucking potential relationships out of fear of getting hurt. And though Nicole heard them loudly and clearly and committed to changing her ways, the promise seems to have been short-lived.

'I had a few revelations about love -- however, the namaste feeling didn't last long,' she admitted. 'It's hard to lock a tiger in a cage and definitely takes time for one to change its stripes unless you want to throw dye on it temporarily.'

And while Nicole's single, she said she's enjoying dating and chronicled a recent promising date that started in the gym, included frozen yogurt, drinks and wings and wound up with some video game-play at Dave & Buster's.

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