Is This The Darkest Season Of 'Pretty Little Liars' Yet?

Is This Darkest Season Ofpretty Little Liarsyet

How is 'A' everywhere and nowhere at the same time? 'A''s whereabouts -- and most importantly, his/her actions -- have always been crucial to the central mystery of ' Pretty Little Liars ,' but this season, the mysterious villain is really upping the ante.

Not only is 'A' trafficking vials of blood across the pond (how? why?!), but he/she is also tormenting Ali in prison and most recently, set a man on fire . What happened to sending ominous texts from a blocked number? Clearly, those halcyon days are gone. And as we inch closer to what could be a Big 'A' reveal in the season 5 finale, we have a sinking feeling that this season ender could be the series' most destructive yet.

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'It's the most twisted finale we've ever done,' Shay Mitchell told MTV News over the phone. 'It's so smart. The writing is amazing. And what happens is... it's my favorite episode. It only gets darker, and more twisted from here.'

Executive producer Joseph Dougherty echoed Mitchell's sentiment, adding, 'Bring a flashlight. It will get darker.'

'It's not our intention to coast at this point,' he said. 'We're at the top of our game, and we'd like to stay there. I think you're looking at a bunch of writers and directors who have a confidence now and will start taking more chances.'

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We're not entirely sure how things can get more twisted that setting a person on fire -- or, you know, stashing a leaky vial of blood into someone's purse -- but we'll take Mitchell's word for it. With only three episodes left until the season finale, we expect plenty of gasp-worthy twists to take our breath away. But first, here are four burning questions we hope 'Pretty Little Liars' answers before its season 5 conclusion.

  1. Who killed Mona? ABC Family

    At this point in the season we're going to go out on a limb and say Mona is 100 percent dead. Not only did 'A' have a motive for killing her (she was planning to double cross him/her), but we also saw her cold, dead body in someone's trunk in the season 5 midseason finale. So now let's focus our attention on the biggest mystery of the season: who killed Mona? It's obviously 'A.' We know it took the Liars nine episodes to figure it out, but we've always known that there was no way Ali could be 'A.' Now that the Liars -- and Ali -- are finally on the same page, will they unmasked Mona's killer by the end of the season? 'PLL' boss Marlene King teased a '#BigAReveal' in the finale, so we're hoping the seasons-long mystery of 'Who is 'A'' -- and as a result, 'Who killed Mona?' -- is answered in the final moments of the season.

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  2. Are the Liars all headed to jail? ABC Family

    'A' has all of the Liars' blood stored in vials (creepy), so it's likely he/she will start planting it on evidence. We're pretty sure that's what lands Hanna in jail in next week's episode. We recently witnessed 'A' taking Hanna's blood and dabbing it on some of the evidence in Mona's case, so it's only a matter of time until 'A' does this to the other Liars. Honestly, we wouldn't mind if season 6 was set in a women's correctional facility.

  3. Will Toby find a way to help the Liars? ABC Family

    You know, since that was the original plan, Officer Toby. Let's face it: Toby has been a huge jerk this season. He chose the corrupt Rosewood P.D. over Spencer and the Liars, and we're not even sure we can forgive him at this point. (He's going to need to spend AT LEAST an entire episode shirtless for us to even consider it.) But maybe he'll redeem himself in these final three episodes by finding a way to get Hanna off the hook and out of jail. With Spencer currently in London flirting with cute British boys -- and you know, getting intel from Melissa and Wren -- Toby might want to find a way to fix their shattered relationship. And what better to start that helping her friend get out of jail? Come on, Toby. You have three more episodes to prove your worth.

  4. Who killed Bethany Young? ABC Family

    The 'Pretty Little Liars' Powers That Be shelved this mystery in the second half of season 5 to focus on Mona's murder, but we think whatever happened the night Bethany was murdered has something to do with the 'A' game. The writers have been hinting at a possible twin reveal all season long -- remember when Mrs. DiLaurentis bought Ali two sets of the same outfit? -- and we'd love to see our attention to detail pay off in the final episode. After all, what's more twisted that an epic twin reveal? What if Ali isn't Ali at all? We're already giddy at the possibility!