Is This A ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ Invention Or A Real One? Take The Test

Is This Dexter S Laboratory Invention

' Dexter's Laboratory ,' the Cartoon Network TV series about a genius boy with a secret science lab in his room, was surprisingly prescient when it came to scientific discoveries. Remember the robot exoskeleton he wears to win at dodgeball? The U.S. Army is currently developing technology just like that! You know, except they're going to use it for war and stuff, but still! Dexter could totally be real!

Cartoon Network

But sometimes truth is even stranger than fiction, and even though Dexter invented a lot of weird and handy inventions, he can't hold a candle to some of the stuff that real world scientists and engineers are working on and discovering.

Can you tell the difference? Take our quiz to test your 'Dexter's Lab' knowledge, and see just how effed up the real world of science and tech can be!