Is This The Last We'll See Of Infamous Catfish Mary?

Is This Last Well See Infamous Catfish Mary

To put it simply, Mary has a history with Catfish . First, Nev and Max uncovered that she was responsible for a phony profile after love hopeful Dylan tasked the guys with finding out the truth behind his mysterious ladylove. She swore her deceitful behavior was over and done with -- but it wasn't: The Still Hooked special revealed the aspiring chef kept up her online alter ego Ally (poor second MTV victim Darion). And third times a charm: During tonight's episode, she was the love hopeful and wanted answers about her crush Adam.

While the guys were initially skeptical of Mary (can you blame them?), they helped her (she claimed she had kicked her terrible tendencies) and worked to unite her with Adam (a guy she met three years ago, long before her MTV debut). But Mary didn't get the result she was anticipating. Adam, who was authentic in his photographs, said they were on 'two totally different pages' and stressed a friendship was their only way forward. When Mary stated she just wanted to go on a date, Adam responded that a public outing wasn't a possibility because his ex was back in the picture.

While Mary was disappointed, she was ready to move on and turn over a new leaf (again). The two-month catch-up revealed Mary was not in contact with Adam and had a renowned set of confidence (after getting a new set of teeth). But naturally, the guys had to ask if she was back to her old tricks.

Taking it back to Nev's statement -- do you think this is the last we will see of Mary, and has she truly kicked her catfishing/iffy digital dating habits to the curb? Or is it only a matter of time before she's back and Nev and Max are walking up to her front door with another conned suitor/cracking another suspicious case? Vote below, sound off in the comments and be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c.